Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Panko Chicken

Joanna and Nate came over the other day and made this panko chicken. It turned out to be pretty easy and I like this panko stuff. The best part was they unlocked another little piece of the cooking mystery. Apparently every food has a different smoke point and butter's is pretty low which explains why I always burn it! They also provided some headway in my search for the truth about how people know when meat is done cooking. The answer is you just have to have the feel. But there are clues to how you get the feel. Instead of cutting the meat open you can feel how squishy it is. When it feels as squishy as the skin between your thumb and forefinger, it's done. If you're roasting a whole bird, jiggling the leg may provide insight as well. So basically, I am still clueless but now I can believe that it may not only be magic that helps people cook so well.

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