Saturday, January 12, 2008

Steak & Homefries

This meal was a definite success! So much simpler than I thought. LZ brought home a huge, bright red slab of meat. It was so big we didn't even need the whole thing. I rubbed on my special steak spice (Thanks, Sarah!) and basically just let them sit in the pan for a while. On to the fries. I figured meat and potatoes go together, right? Most homefries recipes say to fry them in a pan but I hate frying so I went with a recipe that said to bake them. 500 degrees for 25 minutes, does that seem too hot or is it necessary? I put some more of the steak spice on them and they came out crispy and great! I was shocked, I did not think they'd be very good. So next time I will experiment with more different kinds of spices. I will definitely be making this stuff again. Yay!

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