Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mushroom Rigatoni

Surprisingly, mushrooms are not on my do-not-eat list. They seem like the kind of thing I wouldn't like, and in fact when I was younger I indeed didn't like them. But somewhere along the line I converted to a mushroom-eater. So this pasta seemed like a good idea - 4 kinds of mushrooms - craziness! But it came out great, with leftovers for lunch! The chopping did take a while, what with all the mushrooms, shallots, onion, garlic, basil, etc. But after that there were no big surprises. Also I made a great discovery. And by "made" I mean "read online." The recipe called for white wine and I didn't have any. One reviewer said she used red wine instead but I thought that was a little weird. I thought about leaving it out but that might have made it so plain. So I asked the trusty metafilter and check it out: you can use juice instead! God I love AskMetaFilter. People have a lot of different recommendations in there actually, but juice totally makes sense and I'm even likely to have it on hand! Grape = red wine; White grape = white wine. So simple. I was convinced the pasta tasted like juice, but LZ didn't think so. As long as it tasted good, I'm happy!

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