Sunday, November 18, 2007

False Alarm

First post, yay! Let's begin with why we're starting this blog. I'm totally clueless when it comes to food. But since I have a real kitchen now I decided to go on a mission to learn to cook. I figured I could learn by jumping right in and trying different recipes. This was not such a good idea as I found out the hard way when I accidentally invited the Cambridge Fire Department over for dinner one night. I was innocently melting some butter in a pan when it started to burn (as per my superpower, see sidebar). This set off the fire alarm for the whole building which you can't turn off by yourself. So all I could do was call 911 and get the firemen over here to turn it off, even though I knew there was actually no fire, just a really bad cook. All the neighbors were gathered outside and I was mortified. That day I gave up on my mission and swore off cooking forever.

This proved to be a problem because people who can't cook get hungry too. The only one in the house who can cook is too busy to do it, and you can only live on bagels for so long (about a month or two). So after some encouragement and a couple weeks of stomach growling, I have decided to face my fears (and my embarrassment) and get back on the horse. But I'm not alone this time because I have Sarah, and GastroFabulous, here to help me on my mission.

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