Sunday, November 25, 2007


I don't have any pretty pictures to add, but I figured I should post something!

Thanksgiving was a week off for the chefs (J and I) as we drove to Pittsburgh to see J's grandparents. Since going to college, I've been a thanksgiving orphan but lucky enough to be adopted for the big meal. I've seen many different variations on Thanksgiving dishes. But, one thing that is totally different with J's family is the addition of one special dish: deviled eggs.

Apparently over 10 years ago, he started making deviled eggs and now they appear at each thanksgiving meal. Here's J's preferred recipe for perfect deviled eggs:
  1. Hard boil eggs (think 1 whole egg per person)
  2. After eggs are done, peel and cut in half (Hint! Running cold water on the shells helps to peel the shells in larger pieces)
  3. Spoon out the yellow yolks into a bowl
  4. Mix with mustard and mayonaise. (J recommends 1tsp mustard and 3tbs mayo for 6 eggs. If you want fluffier eggs, add more mayo)
  5. Bonus: Curry powder (a dash to 1/2 tsp) or relish (any kind) adds some extra kick. (Hint! Strain the relish in a little sieve to keep mixture from getting too runny)
  6. Refill empty egg whites with mixture
  7. Sprinkle with paprika for color and taste
  8. Enjoy!

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