Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pesto Presto

Today I attempted to make pesto from scratch. I had a ton of basil because when I bought it the other day it was 2.50 for like 5 leaves or 2.50 for a big bouquet. And then I happened to run into Giada's pesto recipe in her book which I borrowed from the library. I figured it was fate and I was meant to try it. Giada said to put it in the blender which I did but it didn't get chopped that well. Some leaves stayed whole no matter how much I tried to push them down. I can't imagine it ever getting as small as the store-bought. How do they do it? It still came out tasting pretty good, I thought, but LZ says he prefers the store version. :-(

So that's my pesto story. At least I didn't burn it. But then I made it into pesto pizza which I did burn. Typical. It wasn't actually the pizza though, something must have burned on the pizza stone even before I put the pizza in. Who knows.


Sarah! said...

Pesto is hard. I feel your pain.

Sarah! said...

J says the blender is usually for liquid, so it doesn't work as well with leaves. A food processor would be best.