Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Oatmeal Blondies

While waiting for the spinach for Spinach and Prosciutto Lasagna to defrost, I decided to entertain myself making these Oatmeal Blondies, because while flipping through old issues of EDF I realized I had all of the ingredients at home already.    Don't be scared by their use of "Everyday Baking Mix".  I almost didn't bother making them because it seemed silly to make 9 cups of the stuff, but if you dig to back of your brain for 3rd grade math, I bet you can do the math to get just enough for what you need.  :)  

Again their picture, and this time mine did NOT look the same.  I completely forgot to sprinkle more oats on top and didn't even realize till just now when looking at their pic.  Oops.

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