Sunday, October 5, 2008

Everyday Food - September 2008

So... as promised here's a re-cap of the things I made out of the September issue of Everyday Food magazine.

One of the first recipes that caught my eye as I flipped through the September issue was Mr. John's Meatloaf. This meatloaf with a sausage laying in the middle looked so amazing, but also looked like a lot of meat, so I wanted to save it to make on a night when I'd be cooking for just me or even just me and Rajeev. Last Monday, I made decided to make dinner for the 2 of us, and his roommate, so I thought it was the perfect time to test out this recipe. If you like meat and meatloaf -- its yum! The sausage in the middle gives it an extra kick too! I made it with the Crispy Garlic Potatoes they mention in this recipe. They were good and easy to make, but nothing special. I also made the Creamy Spinach in this recipe that night, which was pretty good. I only made half the recipe for the 3 of us because I figured boys don't like spinach and 10 oz seemed like a lot, but I always forget that spinach cooks down so much! It came out great, but I should have just made the whole recipe. Or perhaps making half, helped my ego since we ate every last bite of it. :)

Less of a recipe and more of a reminder that I can make fun yummy foods that I normally eat out, I made the Open-Faced Egg and Tomato Sandwich one morning for breakfast. Again, I doubt you need a recipe for this, but the reminder of the idea to make it was welcome.

If you're looking for a healthy and yummy fall salad to eat for dinner, try the Roasted Vegetable Salad with Goat Cheese. The roasted veggies are a nice touch to salad (which I normally find to be the most boring meal ever) and while I've always liked goat cheese - I'm kind of obsessed with it lately, so I was glad to see it in the recipe.

I've already posted about the Late-Summer Veggie soup that I made which was one of the best things I made this past month.

I tried the Herb-Crusted Salmon from this recipe (I didn't bother with the spinach salad. I think I might have made this the same night as the roasted veggie salad instead). It was good - but again I wasn't really blown away and in all honestly it wasn't worth needing to wash the food processor. Maybe I'll try it again some time with regular old breadcrumbs, but probably not.

Rajeev was over for dinner one night and I made these Glazed Pork Chops. I kinda forgot that Rajeev doesn't have much of a sweet tooth and he wasn't really into the glaze, so I made his second pork chop without it (poor guy). I also had recently bought brown sugar made by Splenda (which has worked wonderfully when baking) so I tried it out here -- I wouldn't recommend. Stick to real (and higher calorie) brown sugar when making this recipe.

Lastly, I made the Oatmeal Raisin Cookies (though I think they were actually the first thing I made out of this issue) and they also were yum. No issues using the Splenda versions of granulated and brown sugar here which left me to eat them (a bit) guilt free!

PS - I might have more pics on my camera. If I download any more, I'll add them to the post!

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