Monday, October 27, 2008

More Apple Products

With all these apples we collected, I made a couple other apple dishes.

Apples & Chicken in the slow cooker
This turned into more of a stew, what with the broth, soup, and apples that got nice and soft. It was pretty good - chicken and apples and rosemary are a good combo.

Apple Pie - I made a couple of these! I always use frozen pie crust because I'm lazy and I think it tastes good.
Then I used the filling from this recipe.
And the crumb topping from here.
I picked those mainly because they were simple and used ingredients I had. But the combination of them worked out very well and were a hit with the eaters.

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Uma said...

which frozen pie crust do you use? i havent found any that i like! i use the refridgerated pillsbury ones that you unroll - but even those aren't great. I'd love suggestions b/c making crust is a pain!