Wednesday, October 8, 2008

(Classic?) Minestrone

On Sunday, for lunch I decided to make this soup from this months EDF mag.   While it calls the soup "classic" minestrone, I'm not so sure mine was very classic.  I made several ingredient swaps / additions / estimations, because when I started cooking I was making it just for me and hoping to have a portion or 2 left over for lunch this week, but then mid-making it Rajeev called to say he was on his way over, so I suddenly felt a desire to make more (despite not really having the ingredients for more).  My changes:

  • I used 3/4 of a small red onion instead of 1 medium onion.  It felt like a lot.
  • I had baby carrots in the house, so I just cut up a handful of them to look like enough when compared to the other veggies.
  • I refused to buy celery to use just 1 stalk in this soup, so I skipped it.
  • I used 1/2 to 1/3 of a can of diced tomatoes.  Basically, I used what I had left over from the last time I made soup.
  • I used 1 small potato instead of a large one, because when i went shopping I was only going to make a half recipe.
  • I didn't use any cabbage b/c I hate the stuff.
  • I used the whole can of beans, even though when I went shopping I had only intended to use half the can.  Part of my last minute decision to add more to the soup.
  • I have no idea how many green beans I used, I just sorta guessed based on what looked like enough compared to everything else, and probably thru in a few extra b/c you come across them at the end (aka - well after I knew that I was no longer making a half recipe)
  • I completely forgot out the basil and parmesan.  Oops.
  • I added the kernels from 1 ear of corn b/c I had it left-over and on the verge of going bad
  • And as for water, by the time I needed to add it I had completely lost track of whether I thought I had enough veggies to warrant a full recipe or not, so I split the difference and added 4 cups of water.  
The end result?  Not bad.  Probably not "classic" and quite honesty, I didn't love the rosemary in there, but it was fine.  Maybe someone else should make it actually following the real recipe and see if you like it.  :)

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