Monday, October 6, 2008

Cream of Wheat?

Do you guys like it? I'm officially over it. Last week, my stomach wasn't feeling great when the October issue of my magazine arrive and one of their suggestions was to add Apple Butter to Cream of Wheat. Having not had the substance in years since I was a kid, I thought it looked like the perfect option and ran out to by Cream of Wheat. I quickly remembered why I hate the stuff. It gets lumpy way too fast! I can sorta fix the situation by adding more milk, but really the substance just loves to absorb fluid and eventually will end up lumpy! Any suggestions for what else I can do with my giant box of Cream of Wheat? And btw - why is the smallest size box enormous when it only takes 3 tablespoons to make a single serving?!


Sarah! said...

Thats a good question. I also think that cream of wheat is disgusting. Luckily, I have heard of Halvah which is a dessert that is very popular in the Mediterranean, and you can use cream of wheat to make something between a cake and a pudding-like consistency.

Here is one recipe I found, but you might try googling Halvah, or dessert and cream of wheat. =)

Louisa said...

I like cream of wheat! I think I always have, I don't know why. Make it with half and half and add lots of brown sugar, mmm! Oddly enough I have never really liked halvah.

Uma said...

My mom uses it to make Indian halwa so I was either going to ask her how to make or more likely donate the box to her. :) I'll try the half and half too.