Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rainbow Cake

Yup. Its a cake. And its rainbow. And I made it.

My latest obsession is Google Reader. If you don't use it - you should. And you should share the things you read with me. One of my Google Reader friends is a guy named Elliott that I worked with at a summer camp almost 10 years ago. We lost touch and then we discovered that we did TIE a couple of years apart (he first) thanks to the TIE listserv. As a result, he's in my Google Contacts and therefore shares his Google Reader reading with me. He posted "Taste the Rainbow with a Rainbow Cake". They got it from Omnomicon. As a result - I made Rainbow Cake!

I didn't use the "diet recipe" that calls for diet soda instead of eggs, oil and water. I used regular cake mix. Here are some pics from before it was done:

It got rave reviews from everyone that tried it, including many of my co-workers, but my favorite comment came from Rajeev (who was tasked with cleaning up after me - thanks again rajeev!). He said: "I feel like I'm cleaning up after a 5 year old thats been painting all afternoon!" That's exactly what my bowls looked like when I was done.

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Louisa said...

This cake is so amazing! I love it. I'm considering making it this weekend instead of the carrot cupcakes I was thinking about. Maybe I should do both...