Monday, September 5, 2011

Swiss Chard

I joined a CSA for the first time this year - together with a coworker we're getting a half share, so we each get a quarter share which is working out very well because it's not too hard to use it up. Last week we got some swiss chard, which I think is so much better than spinach, and I found this recipe to use it. It's really simple, just sautee some swiss chard, I added dried cranberries instead of currants, and then put in some feta at the end. I didn't add any water though the recipe says to. The only thing is I'm always amazed at how all that leafiness cooks down into not that much, so my one bunch of chard made a small dish but it was very good!

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Pille said...

Louisa - I bookmarked that Epicurious recipe a while ago,but I've been using all my Swiss chard for this recipe instead this summer:
I heartily recommend :)