Monday, September 26, 2011

Girls Curry Night

Last week, J was out of town so I invited all the female friends I've made (mostly CERN wives or female physicists) for a Girls Night In. It's pretty expensive to go out to eat in Geneva and without any Olive Garden options, I made three curries and they brought wine.

One of the curries was loosely based on Jamie Oliver's recipe:
Click on the picture for the recipe at

A few change and clarifications to his version:
  1. Frying the mustard seeds at first is important because it makes the flavor better, and it's really fun to hear the little seeds cackle on the frying pan.
  2. I tried grating the onions with large hole cheese grater, and while I had to stop because my eyes were stinging, it actually made for a nice onion paste. I didn't have the patience/stamina to do both onions that way, so I just chopped the second onion which worked just fine. I also used a jalapeno type pepper for the hot pepper.
  3. I used regular potatoes and thai eggplant (eggplant=aubergine) and realized that Jamie did not specify a cooking time. Even at small bite size pieces, it took at least 30 minutes for these items to cook. I made a mistake and boiled the coconut milk which you really shouldn't do. Keep at a simmer if possible.
  4. Having neither okra nor peas, I threw in red and yellow peppers instead. It still turned out lovely.
Really great flexible recipe for a chilly autumn night and hanging with the girls.

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