Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Buddha Banana Bread

Last night I made banana bread! LZ's friend had a ton of fruit he had left from his "worship fruit" - it's like an offering to the Buddha. But sooner or later someone has to eat it. And the three bananas were getting overripe. What else could I do with them but make banana bread?! So I settled on this recipe with chocolate chips and walnuts. It came out so good (maybe because it's chock full of chocolate chips) and my favorite dishes are always the ones that can double as dessert & breakfast. So there you have it, Buddha Banana Bread. And what else is funny: I twittered about baking it and eating it. And someone found that and started following me - a person whose username is bananabreadnut. Seriously she has a whole web site about banana bread. I love it!

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Laura said...

That banana bread looks delicious!

Check out some of my banana bread recipes if you get chance!