Sunday, May 18, 2008

Eggplant Rollups

Any food that can be rolled up or kept inside another food is cool in my book. Which is probably why I was attracted to these eggplant rollups. The eggplant slices are covered in egg, pesto, and breadcrumbs and fried. Then you put ricotta inside, roll them up, and bake them. The hardest part was slicing the eggplants really thin. I didn't do a great job, so I'll have to keep practicing that. Also they wouldn't stay rolled up so I stuck some toothpicks in which did the trick. All in all, a vegetarian success. Which is a relief because I tried another Rachael Ray dish last week, a tortilla chip casserole, which was not so good. That one sounded weird and it was. But this one is definitely worth a try!

1 comment:

Hao Chi said...

That looks really good. Except for the red sauce. I bet the eggplant and cheese is a great combo.