Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lemon Cream Pasta

I just made this lemon pasta! I kept going back and forth thinking it was good or a disaster. For a while there the cream was so liquid I didn't get how it could go on the pasta. But when I put it on, it actually did what the recipe said and kind of thickened and sank in. And I kept thinking there would be no lemon taste but it really did add a tasty tang. Very good, and something different from regular old pasta. The only problem was that it took forever to get the lemon zest and juice. Any tips on zesting and juicing would be greatly appreciated! But I highly recommend you try this pasta, it's so good. And as an added bonus I discovered what arugula is.


Sarah! said...

what were you using to zest with? We have a great zester tool that we use all the time for grating parmesan cheese and zesting lemons.

Anonymous said...

That looks really delicious. Where did you get the recipe? You are becoming quite the cook!