Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Cooking Withdrawal

I recently moved to San Francisco and haven't yet been able to find a permanent place to live. So, I'm staying in an extended stay hotel for the time being. I do have a kitchenette, but it lacks the important appliances and I miss cooking. I have a mini-fridge and a microwave along with a pretty complete set of utensils and dishes. 

Does anyone have any suggestions of something that I could make with just those items? What about microwavable pre-made meals? I've never bought those thing, but I hear that Trader Joe's has some decent ones. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!


Sarah! said...

Hi Matt,
This is a few days late, so sorry I haven't been up on the gastrofab due to this ginormous project.

Anyways, yes, some of Trader Joes stuff is good, but not all. I would recommend the frozen vegetable lasagna and the frozen mexican stuff is pretty decent (like burritos). I think we get to lower fat ones, just to be healthier. If you have a kitchenette with a stovetop, you can get some frozen fish and eat that too. I also generally found their quick sauces to be pretty good except for the cuban mojito sauce which i didn't really like. Stick to the indian ones like chicken korma.

That being said, Trader Joes thai offerings are pretty terrible, so don't be tempted by the peanut noodles or things like that. Yuck. Too salty! Also their pizza sucks.

Also, at a regular grocery store, Annie's vegetarian frozen meals are pretty good as well as Kashi's frozen meals too.

Do fresh fruits and veggies since you have a fridge! Yogurt with fruit, salads or veggies with hummus. And don't forget microwave popcorn!

Sarah! said...

I have to add that i can't believe you've never bought frozen meals...