Thursday, February 7, 2008

The ghetto and the fabulous

So I remember when Louisa and I first started this blog. The idea was that I was a fabulous cook and she the ghetto one. But remember, we sometime switch roles.

Yesterday was that day. Oatmeal cookie disaster. Behold: The flattest cookies ever.

The recipe was promising, but the dough ended up being too runny and the cookies spread out. Each cookie is super thin, less than 1/4 inch tall. Sooooo flat. Not the soft chunky cookie i was hoping for. After adding 1/2 cup more flour to the remaining batter, the rest turned out less runny but more stiff. Ghetto cook messes up oatmeal cookies.

But, the fabulous was a potato and cauliflower curry from the Joy of Cooking (totally check it out if you have this book) which was much, much better.

A little yellow in this picture, but lots of delicious (and by lots, I mean 2-4 more meals worth!) Glad we froze some; J will probably eat it next week when I'm in LA. =)

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Louisa said...

Aww, the cookies. But did they still taste good? Thin crispy cookies could be yummy too. Actually a lot of times when I make cookies they puff up and I wish they were a bit flatter. Not that flat. We'll need to experiment to find the perfect cookie recipe.