Saturday, February 14, 2009

Black Bean Burgers (from Gourmet Mag)

Even though the blog has been oddly silent, I've been cooking up a storm. Time to add the backlog of tasty dishes that have neglected to make their way to GastroFab.

This recipe for Black Bean Burgers came to me in this month's Gourmet.

It is pretty straightforward: can of beans, some breadcrumbs, mayo and spices. Crush together (use food processor if you have one), form into patties and cook.

I had some leftover sweet potato that I put into the mix which added more flavor. The fresh cilantro was great too, but the only thing that was weird was the texture. I mean, I know it's not meat, but it would have been nicer if it had held together a little better. You bit into the burger and everything was soft--the bun, the bean burger, toppings. I guess that made me appreciate my meat counterpart if nothing for more than the difference in texture.

Funny the things you notice when you do variations. I guess I expect my burgers to feel a certain way.

Are there other foods that you feel this way about?

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Lauren said...

The texture is weird at first. I like mine on toasted sprouted bread (Ezekiel bread) with guac and salsa. You can make them firmer by adding vital wheat gluten and h2o.