Sunday, December 16, 2007

Rockin' Stew

This is one rockin' stew! Okay it's actually Moroccan but I misheard Sarah over the phone and I think it's a better name anyways. No offense to the Moroccans. It has all kinds of things in it: squash, chick peas, non-chick peas, tomato, chicken, you name it. I did kind of a mish mosh of a bunch of different recipes for it and it was really a success! This is something that could become a household staple I think. The best part about learning to cook by myself: guaranteed NO raisins and NO hot pepper. We had it with couscous which was exciting. One great thing about stews is that it doesn't seem to matter how long you simmer it for. If you're not sure it's done, just simmer a little longer. And bite size chunks seem more reliable anyways, I don't have to worry about peeking in the middle or the juices running clear or any of that. The other cool thing about this dish is that I got to use spices! I'm starting to build a spice collection (I think I might even need a spice rack), and though I don't even know what most spices taste like, they definitely make things taste good. So, yay for (Mo)rockin' stew! The perfect dinner on a horribly slushy winter day.

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Hao Chi said...

That looks really good... what kind of meat did you use? Do you think it would work in the slow cooker?